Johom Package Co Ltd.

A global company specialising in aluminium foil packages

With four plants in China and the USA, Johom's world-renowned foil packages are now available in Australasia via Solpack

Aluminum Foil Packing Solutions

Johom has built an enviable reputation around the globe, with a particular following in the Air Travel industry. Johom supply more than 150 million foil food containers to many international air companies including Air China, British Airways, Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways.

Beyond the airline industry, Johom also sell to many retail chains around the world including Wal-Mart in the United States and to Carrefour who operate retail stores in Africa, Europe and Asia numbering in the thousands. 

Johom are exporting foil and containers to more than 40 countries, now including New Zealand and Australia via Solpack.

Johom’s aluminium foil products have passed FDA and SGS certifications and are highly valued by those who use them.

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